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First of all, love the mag and DVDs! I'm looking for some mechanical advice on my 2007 model Suzuki DR-Z250. On a recent trail ride I went over going up a hill and sheared the clutch lever off, right back to the housing. So much so, the cable was exposed! I was able to start the bike in first gear (thanks to handy electric-start) and essentially bash through the gears "postie-bike style" to get me home (approx 20km). Other than a new clutch lever and some very overdue Barkbusters and aftermarket handlebars, I was wondering what repairs may have to be done with the clutch/gearbox? Thanks!
-- Nick via

Thanks for your email. Nick. Now, Suzuki’s DR-Z range have not become some of Australia’s best-selling, most reliable and durable dirt bikes by burning out a clutch or gearbox after only 20km without clutch cable operation -- they’re built in Japan, not China. It's the same reason the DR-Z400E is the bike of choice with all the leading Cape York trail tour operators in Cairns: DR-Zs are built to last and withstand abuse! I feel confident there will be no ill effects in your situation. Go for an engine oil and oil filter swap-out and you’ll be fine. And then get a set of shiny new Barkbusters installed ASAP!
-- Dr Phil,

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