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Hi there guys and sign me up again for another subscription! You're still the best mag that covers both trail riding and adventure riding. The latest DVD (In the Zone #4) was especially enjoyed by my mates and I. We recently rode three BMW GS 1200s from western NSW to the Cape and back via the Old Telegraph Track. The sand was a bit deep in places, so we enjoyed watching Miles and his 1200 on the Chasing Sunsets segment out at Hattah on the DVD. We'd be interested to know what modifications were on his 1200? Raised bars etc or is Miles just a bloody good rider, because he was moving through that sand like he was on a KTM 530?! I have done my fair share of bottomless sand riding and don't know how he managed it? Maybe it wasn't his bike and the repair bill wasn't on his mind?! At the end of the day the 1200s are not the go for sand but Miles smashed it! Please shake his hand for me! Looking forward to the next mag and a free bike from TRAIL ZONE! Cheers boys,
-- Rossco Bin Roosting, TRTs (Trail Riding Terrorists) via

On ya Rossco, thanks for the wrap on the mag and best of luck in our Choose Your Ride subscription draw. Someone's gotta win their choice of seven new dirt bikes, so good luck it is you. Yep, Miles' performance on the thundering 1200 GS on that Hattah ride with Australian Trail Bike Tours was nothing short of amazing. And, yes, he is that good a rider! All he did was tweak the Beemer's tyre pressures and away he went ... incredible! Have you also seen the footage when Miles went back to Hattah a few weeks later with former Aussie Moto GP hero Daryl Beattie, and they all rode 1200s out there! It was similarly impressive. Get on Youtube and search 'Daryl Beattie's Desert Adventure' and you'll find it: check it out!
-- Clubby,

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