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G'day TRAIL ZONE: I am searching for a set of rear pillion pegs for my DR-Z400E so my young tacker can hitch a ride now and again. I found some bolt-on ones in Queensland, but the guy wants me to subscribe and I have left messages, but to no avail. Do you know of any pegs that would suit the job, and be of reasonable cost? Thanks for my recent back issue order of five mags: I'm still reading and thinking what to do next in the modification section. I think the rear hanger might be first up, as it is pretty awful looking, while I am also waiting on a B & B cargo rack.
-- Mike Wright, via

Funny you should ask this question, Mike, because I was in NZ the weekend before last for the annual Yamaha NZ Safari trail ride and was following a guy on a green DR-Z400 (Kawasaki KLX400) and noticed he had exactly the kind of rear foot pegs you are asking about. They looked kinda home-made and tightened around the swingarm somewhat agriculturally, but obviously did the job for him. I reckon you should be able to buy the rear pegs you are after, but obviously you will have to do some looking around. One of the biggest bike shops here in Sydney is MCAS at Parramatta and they have just about everything. Their web site is but I don't reckon you will find the pegs on the web site, you would be better off finding their phone number and calling them and asking. Another place to try would be Ballard's in western Sydney. Their web site is so look them up and give them a call. The boys at in Queensland definitely have the pegs, so get onto them as well. Good luck with it -- your grommet will be stoked to get out for a ride with you.
-- Clubby,

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