Thursday, January 6, 2011



We get to see plenty of clever Xmas/New Year cards in the TRAIL ZONE email Inbox this time of year.

But how's this for a Christmas present?

Check out what the Man-in-Red brought TRAIL ZONE team member Big Bazza Marshall!

Santa obviously spent a lot of time trawling through old photos for cartoonist Roger Harvey to add to this sensational piece of artwork!

Congratulations to Roger for penning yet another masterful crayon creation (check out for more of his work), and to Bazza's son Tony for filling in all the pieces of the jigsaw. Great job, boys!

And speaking of Tony Marshall, make sure you check out his awesome story on Aussie enduro legend Troy Spedding's mint Yamaha IT200 in the new issue of VMX Magazine that's available in newsagents now!

-- Clubby,

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