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Hi guys – great mag! I look forward to each issue arriving. I am in the process of 're-birthing' an ex-military XT600 and have had my first crack at painting the plastics with varying degrees of success. I see in TZ issue #30 that Lance sent the Super T off to the shop to get done. Other than sending it off to the man, is there a sure-fire way of getting a good finish that will stand the test of time? Also, I have an Acerbis tank on the bike (was military green) which has seen a bit of the elements and has perished a bit and was dusting off. I gave it a very light sand and hit it with primer and four top coats. I am getting lots of bubbles through the paint even now after 3-4 months. Any tips in this regard would be appreciated and failing advice on how to do it, advice on who in Brisbane can do it properly would be appreciated.
-- RoscoOz, via

Hi Rosco: It depends on what type of plastics. If it's like the guards on an enduro bike or your XT600 the common solution is to replace them. There are restore kits available but success can be limited depending on their condition. The plastics that you find commonly used on bike fairings is a different story and can be easily repaired and painted. As for the fuel tank, the bubbles are caused by fuel vapour seeping through the skin of the tank. It's the same problem as decals on plastic tanks. The decals have either slits or holes to allow the vapour to escape and reduce the chances of bubbles. I'm afraid that you will have to replace the tank if you are looking for a better finish. When my Super Tenere has been painted the details will be posted on the web site, so keep an eye out there.
-- Lance 'Russ' Turnley, via

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