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G'day TZ team: Your Suzuki DR650 Project Bike article in the new issue of TRAIL ZONE that's just come out gives me a strong sense of deja vu. I love my DR650. I have been all over SA and western Victoria on the bike. I would like to get up into the NT and WA eventually. I just need some time.
Same brand mods:
* Safari Tank.
* B&B bashplate and frame gaurds.
* Dunlop 606s (not in the photo; commuting at present so I have Michelin Anakees fitted)
Different brand mods:
* EGO Barkbusters. Wish I had gone with the VPS to give more room for levers.
* Pro Moto Billet rear rack. Excellent quality. B&B product was not available at time of purchase.
* Procycle sourced screen. I have used the Eagle screen but it was damaged by a Murray magpie at 100kmh. I like the Procycle screen because I can get it off the bike in around 2 minutes.
* K&N air filter.
* Home-made numberplate hanger. I have also made a rubber mud flap. This keeps the police happy and has stopped my numberplates from cracking. I have my rear suspension set-up for heavy touring loads and the plates were cracking due to the rigidity of the setup. Two problems solved.
* Renthal bars and grips.
Other mods:
* Andy Straps pannier racks.
* 1 inch lowered footpegs.
* 2 inch bar risers.
* Moose seal savers.
* Fork brace. I forget the brand.
* Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protector. Looks the same as your Pro-Fast shield.
* Case savers and oil filter gaurd.
* Magnetic drain plug.
* Uni Filter secondry breather filter. Only for bikes with standard carbies. Stock filter is not very good.
* Replaced bottom chain roller with a bearing chain roller and removed the top roller. Plug the threaded hole up to prevent water and grit getting in. Quite a few pics on the net of cracked frames caused by the top roller.
* Procycle 8.3kg/mm rear spring. I am heavy and I carry a lot of gear when I head out.
* Eibach .50 kg/mm straight rate fork springs.
* Racetech fork cartridge emulators (worth their weight in gold!)
* Vision X Solstice 10 watt LED spot lights. Worth the money. 900 lumens and only draw 0.75 of an amp each. No stator and/or battery upgrades.
* 15 and 46 tooth sprockets with 520 o-ring chain. I was running 14-43 but changed to 15-46 to ease the wear on the chain and front sprocket. I use 520 chain as I find it is easier and quicker to source replacements.
* Polisport front gaurd.
* Wolfman tank, front fender, tank saddle and rear saddle bags.
Did I need to do all of these mods? Probably not. But it was fun! :-) Eventually I want to fit a Staintune system and then I will feel like the bike is finished ... maybe! A 725cc kit and hot cam would be nice but if I wanted it to be a weapon, I would have bought a Kato. It's just a good reliable mile-munching two-wheeled tractor!
-- Paul Laney, via

Thanks for your email, Paul, and congrats on the 'overhaul' of your DR. We've only just kicked off the build of our DR650SE Project Bike, so rest assured Russ has got many more mods to come, all of which will be detailed in coming issues of TZ. As far as cheap, reliable adventure bikes go, the mighty DR is hard to beat on value for money and you can rest assured the beast will get you there ... and then back home again. Ride on!
-- Clubby,

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