Thursday, June 3, 2010



Kawasaki is pleased to announce that the brand new, very exciting and Learner legal KLX250SF Supermoto is almost here with a release date expected in late June/early July.

Based on Kawasaki’s critically acclaimed KLX250S dual sport on/off road bike, the SF dials up maximum on-road fun with sticky street radials mounted on 17-inch wheels, a lower 860mm seat height, a bit less suspension travel and a big front brake. It’s “just” a 250, but its light weight of just 137kg means the KLX250SF packs the sort of performance you’d expect from something bigger and more expensive. Few motorcycles – of any size or price – are capable of out-cornering it.

Aggressively styled bodywork finishes the package, with a comfortable seat and a KLX-specific handlebar that offers good leverage so riders can flick the light KLX250SF side to side, or hold a tight line with a minimum of effort.

Riders seeking Supermoto handling and modern engine performance in a lightweight motorcycle designed for exciting street rides will be able to find it at their local Kawasaki dealership. The KLX250SF offers serious capabilities in a fun, easy-to-ride package, regardless of where the adventure takes it.

Available in Oriental Blue, the Kawasaki KLX250SF is expected to hit dealership floors in late June/early July at the RRP of $7,299 + ORC.

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