Monday, June 28, 2010



To Clubby and all the crew at TRAIL ZONE: thanks for the opportunity to win a new bike in the Choose Your Ride competition. I am loving the Kawasaki KLX450R! So far I have been able to race it in an enduro at Baroota, motocross races at Kadina and heading to Lameroo for a trail ride this weekend. I still can’t believe that the bike is actually mine. Looking forward to getting your next mag and thanks again.

-- Peter Bray via

Congratulations, Pete. It's awesome to see the KLX450R being put to such good use. Enjoy it mate, it's all yours! We'll be kicking off our next CHOOSE YOUR RIDE subscriber promotion in TRAIL ZONE issue #31, so all you TRAIL ZONE readers who would like to win big like Pete and score the bike of your dreams, start rubbing your good luck charms and crossing your fingers and toes and make sure you get your entry in!

-- Clubby,

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