Friday, February 25, 2011



At 10am this morning we drew the winner of our latest TRAIL ZONE Choose Your Ride subscriber promotion ... and after leaving messages all day, we have just now heard back from her ... yes, HER!

The winner is TANYA MAUK and she is from WA.

Tanya is a long-time TRAIL ZONE subscriber and has entered our Choose Your Ride promotion over the past three years. Prior to today the biggest win she ever had was at the local chook raffle!

Tanya works in the Jundee gold mine in central WA. She and her partner Bruce have five bikes between them -- a mix of road and dirt machines.

Her choice from our seven bike prize line-up is the HUSABERG TE300 two-stroke.

That's right ... a big victory for the two-strokers! As we have often said, long live the smell of premix in the morning.

Tanya will soon be taking delivery of her new Husaberg and carving up the trails of WA.

Of course, we have to say thanks to all our subscribers who entered this year's Choose Your Ride promotion.

And to all our Choose Your Ride sponsors, thanks once again for all your support in helping us deliver a fabulous subscription promotion that is an annual hit with our readers. We only wish we could give away all seven bikes!

-- Clubby,

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