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Hi all: first up, great mag. Just want to say how much I like the current format, but I live in fear that you will become another motocross magazine -- lets hope not.
I, like a lot of gentlemen of a certain age, mid 40s and growing, own and ride bikes of an era that suits our growing years (my '96 Tenere while it spends most of its time running around town and to and from work, still gives great service and reliability). What I would like from a magazine of this type are articles about maintaining and setting up the older bikes. We see plenty of articles on new bikes and new equipment and understand that these are the people that pay for advertising space. But we without the money for a new bike still want to buy and need gear for our more mature steeds. Yes, the ravages of time, children, bills and the inability to move quickly first thing in the morning hit us all, so how about giving the old blokes and bikes a chance?
Anyhow, cheers all and hope to see you on the road sometime.
-- Denis Mayhew via

Thanks for your email, Denis. First up, there's not much chance of TRAIL ZONE becoming another motocross magazine, let me tell you! We'll take your comments onboard about old bikes and riders, because there's plenty of us out there in the TRAIL ZONE, for sure. And as for seeing us on the road sometime, did you get in and register for our Ténéré Tragics ride to the Flinders Ranges? Why not?! Sounds like it might have been the perfect excuse for you to head outback on your mighty '96 model and hook up with a bunch of us? Make sure you watch the mag and then get in early for the 2012 Ténéré Tragics ride.
-- Clubby,

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