Monday, February 21, 2011



Hi Lance: Thanks for your efforts with the magazine. I haven't had the chance to get the latest issue as I live remote but am looking forward to it. Now, to my question: How can I get a windscreen for the Trailtech Torch X2 light that fits on the Suzuki DR650SE you have been featuring in TRAIL ZONE?
-- Glenn via

Hi Glenn: The Australian importer of Trailtech products is Holeshot Sports in Victoria and they can direct you to your nearest Trailtech retailer. You can contact them by calling (03) 5433 2559. As for the screen, we designed a custom screen and had it cut out of 3mm poly and shaped it with a heat gun. To mount the Trailtech headlight on to the DR, you'll need the headlight mount that we designed and B&B Off-Road is now making as a kit. Call them on (03) 5335 8000 for more details and to order direct. Hope this helps -- enjoy the ride!
-- Lance Turnley,

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