Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Hi guys: Just sending you a picture of my 2009 KLR650. You published a letter I sent you in the Trail Mail segment in the Nov/Dec '09 issue of TRAIL ZONE, titled "It's all Russ's fault." I spoke about seeing Russ's KLR650 Project Bike and then buying a KLR myself. I'm now living at Lightning Ridge in north-western NSW. I plan to do a bit of exploring around this area while I'm out here. My wife wants to get a bike as well. That why I've renewed my subscription so I can win the 'Choose Your Ride' promotion and she can get her own bike. (I don't want her learning on my bike!). Now, Tania did a good story on the SPOT Tracker, as my wife wants me to get one because she reckons I will get lost out here. Yet, as you see in the photo, she won't let me get any good luggage for the bike. As if I'm going to get lost anyway! In this photo I did a trip back to Sydney. Most of it was on the tar, but I did find some dirt along the way. I took the long way home. Take note of the Barkbusters and the crash bar on the left side of the bike: I misjudged a corner. Anyway, thought you could use the photo in the mag. Keep up the brilliant work with the magazine because I love it. If you're ever coming to the Lightning Ridge area, let me know.
-- Brendan, via www.trailzone.com.au

If Russ is guilty of bringing another rider back to dirt bikes, he'll be plenty happy about that, Brendan! Welcome to the dark side of dirt bike riding -- now it's time to start racking up the miles on your KLR and sweet-talking the missus for plenty of farkles for the mighty 650. And yep, she'll love the SPOT Tracker for sure, but just be sure to turn it off when you get to each overnight destination, because she doesn't need to know how much time you're spending in the pub! Ride on.
-- Clubby, www.trailzone.com.au

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