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Howdy TRAIL ZONE: I'm living overseas for the year so sadly I can't collect each treasured edition of TRAIL ZONE magazine from my mailbox, but when I return, I'll have a nice collection to read, won't I? Looking forward to it! Now, there are things we miss out on in Australia, which showed up when I took a stroll today past a local motorcycle shop here in Cosenza (southern Italy), and stepped in for a little chat with the owner (however, trying to be understood with my pathetic Italian skills, is not easy). The shop sells Hondas, but not just your ordinary old Hondas like in Australia. Here in Italy, Honda dirt bikes are distributed with Montesa, and they make some really interesting machinery:
Despite all these amazing machines, they don't sell Honda XRs anymore. It's a sad world indeed.... The bloke in the motorcycle shop did have a thing for XR650s though. I'm doing my best to find a way to go riding here, but unfortunately it means buying a set of new riding gear, as the freight cost alone to send my gear from Melbourne would be $400-plus. Wish I had brought mine with me!
-- Jady M, Cosenza, Italy via

Thanks for your email, Jady, and take a look at some of those trick Honda off-roaders. What Aussie riders wouldn't give to see some of them on the showroom floor at their local Honda dealer! You need to get some riding gear and get a ride in, Jady, for sure!
-- Clubby,

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