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Hi guys: love the mag and love the DVDs -- keep the good stuff coming! But I have one question; well two, really. When I watch the DVDs, the size of Clubby’s bag amazes me! I mean his bumbag, which he wears to the front. It appears to be huge. What does he carry in it? And why does he carry it on the front? Is it that big or is it just a funny camera angle? The reason I am asking is that I am just returning to dirt bike riding (adventure riding) and my old bumbag looks to be half the size of Clubby’s and I used to wear it on the back. Just wondering what I should be packing in my bumbag? What brand and size is Clubby’s bag and is wearing it at the front or back better? Thanks!
-- Steve via www.trailzone.com.au

Truth be told, I have had many a comment about the size of my bag over the years, Steve, and they've not all been complimentary! Now, to set the record straight, what you're seeing in the DVDs is my camera bumbag. It's a proper Lowepro brand photographer's bumbag and I use it to carry my camera gear for shooting the still photos you see in the mag. It's big enough to carry a Nikon D-SLR camera body, fisheye lense, short zoom telephoto lense, flash, batteries and memory cards. That's why it looks bigger than a normal bumbag that you would carry tools and spares in. And you see it in the front, because when I stop to take photos (or talk smack for the camera for the DVD), I spin it around to the front so I can quickly get the camera out. When riding, I most times wear at the back. If you want to learn more about dirt bike bumbags and what tools to carry with you, get a Back issue copy of TRAIL ZONE issue #9 (phone the TZ office on (02) 9905 ZONE during business hours to order) as Dr Phil did a story there looking at trick tools to pack in your bumbag and reviewed a range of popular bumbags.
-- Clubby, www.trailzone.com.au

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